1) Always apply concealer first! Airbrush Makeup adheres to the skin in a way that makes it hard to move or blend with a sponge after it has set on the skin. This feature is what gives the airbrush makeup extended wear. Applying concealer afterwards will ruin the appearance of the airbrushed areas. bePRO’s Concealer is formulated to be the perfect product for use with bePRO Airbrush Makeup. It blends easily, gives build able coverage and does not show through the Airbrush Makeup.

2) To ensure an even application that doesn’t look overdone always hold the airbrush gun 6-8 inches away from the face. Move the Airbrush Gun slightly closer (3-4 inches away from face) for blemished areas that need more concentrated coverage. Set air pressure to low if holding close to face.

3) Always test spray on a piece of tissue or the back of your hand before applying to your face. This ensures the machine is working properly, the air pressure is set correctly and that you have selected the correct color shades.

4) Never use traditional liquid foundations in your Airbrush Gun! Doing so can easily lead to clogging because the ingredients and pigments are not made to run smoothly through the airbrush gun.

5) To avoid clogging your Airbrush Gun always clean makeup out of the gun immediately after use (never let dry!), and always use bePRO Airbrush Cleaner to ensure all remnants of makeup are removed.

6) Do not mix Daily Wear Airbrush Makeup with other Airbrush Makeup that is not water-based as it will lead to clogging the Airbrush Gun. Common types of other Airbrush Makeups are Silicone based and Alcohol based. Always check what type of base the product is before attempting to use with Daily Wear Airbrush Makeup. ONLY water-based is compatible.

7) You will always achieve the best finish when you build up coverage in light layers. Applying the makeup on a high setting with only one layer can lead to an uneven look that doesn’t look completely blended.

8) Always hold the airbrush gun steady! Bending the wrist can lead to makeup spilling.

9) To further treat troublesome skin use one of bePRO’s specially formulated primers! Our Anti-Aging Primer hydrates dry skin and helps to fill in the appearance of fine lines and minimize the appearance of rough skin texture. The Oil-Controlling Primer combats excess shine and controls bacteria on the skin, making it perfect for oily and acne prone skin-types!

10) Don’t be afraid to experiment! bePRO’s Airbrush is completely customizable. Each Foundation, Cheek Tint & Lip Tint, and Skin Illuminator can be altered by adding in a few drops of another color. Foundation tones can be customized to match any skin color, custom blend color shades can be made out of mixing Cheek & Lip Tints, and Skin Illuminator can be added into Cheek & Lip Tints or Foundation to add luminosity.